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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to rub shoulders with A-list actors or do death-defying stunts for your latest blockbuster? 

Well, wonder no more and take your first steps towards the red carpet in Glam Pursuit, a branching story filled with unique skill-based missions that see if you have what it takes to conquer the movie business.

Create your very own up-and-coming actor and work from the ground up, first as an extra for chump change and then, who knows? That part is up to you!

  • Step into the big screen: Live out your wildest dreams and become a superstar in this rollercoaster story that showcases the reality of the movie business!
  • Your choices matter: Every decision you make will directly influence your story. But be warned, there are consequences to every choice you make, so choose wisely.
  • Level up and improve your chances: It’s not just your choices that matter, in Glam Pursuit you’ll take on a host of challenges and level up your actor’s skills in whatever direct you see fit!
  • Fame: With every big picture you’ll become more and more recognised. Find your way through fan mail, devout followers and even the odd scandal or two.
  • Memorable characters: Create enemies, develop friendships and maybe even fall in love along the way. There are plenty of people to get to know in the movie business and they’ve all got a story to tell.
  • What kind of actor will you be? Whether for your diverse range, taking your life into your own hands as a stunt specialist or falling into the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ category, there are tonnes of ways to get famous in Glam Pursuit

With complete character customization, you're the master of your destiny, crafting your very own actor from a treasure trove of options. Choose your gender, skin color, hair style, hair color, and even fine-tune facial features! Your star is ready to shine, exactly as you envision!

Remember, your choices carry weight! They're not just about shaping your character's personality; they'll sway the tides of your social life, pave the path to your opportunities, and even determine the fate of your auditions!

Glam Pursuit’s unique acting system allows you to get creative during auditions and movie shootings!

Unlocking different emotions throughout the game expands your emotional range. An extensive emotional range will help you land more acting gigs and perhaps even win awards!

After you've triumphantly wrapped up your movie shoot, it's time for the grand unveiling! Take your seat at the premiere and savor those special scenes you've brought to life on the silver screen!

In Glam Pursuit, the possibilities are as vast as the open sky, but proceed with care! For in this world, you'll encounter scandals, hardships, rejection, and a plethora of trials and tribulations! Becoming a superstar is no small feat. Do you possess the grit to grasp this magnificent opportunity, or will you let it slip through your fingers?


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