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(This game is the second season of Oathbreaker.)

Chapter 4 part 1 is out!

Full chapter 4 Public Release ETA: Late/mid February

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A free to play medieval fantasy visual novel / Interactive Fiction.


Your Divine gave you one last chance to repent for your crimes.
Will you obey her command and break her free, or will you defy her wishes for the last time?


  • Changable name for the MC.⭐
  • 5 different appearance templates.⭐
  • 3 personality choices.⭐
  • Animated Cgs & sprites⭐
  • 7 love interests. (4 male, 3 female)⭐
  • Minigames.⭐
  • Map / exploration & quests. ⭐
  • Patreon exclusive NSFW version.⭐

-Love interests-

-Intro & OST-


Game & Story: Rinmaru

Sprite Artwork: Moonarc

CG Artwork: Ana-rone

Background Artwork: KeiraWorks

Background Artwork: Voloshenko

Background Artwork: GiaonP

Music: Delevine Media

Engine: Naninovel

Engine: Unity

SFX & Misc Music: AudioJungle, Soundsnap, BoomLibrary

Glyph Game: IndieGamesStudio

Glyph Game adaptation: GabbyAnn

Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsDating Sim, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance

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If the window says "Thank you for the download", but your download haven't started, try using Firefox instead of Google Chrome.


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