A small demo of the Patreon Exclusive NSFW minigames. There is no actual nsfw scenes in this demo version.⭐
(No *end*, and no touching below belly. Also some steamier interactions are removed.)

Just click on parts of his body and choose the interaction. ❤️

❤️ Full version of here ❤️

⭐ More games here ⭐

TagsCasual, Erotic
Average sessionA few seconds


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When my economy has gotten better (currently on sick-leave), you can count on me to come skipping over to you're patreon! :)

💖 Thank you soo much, HanaBark! Hope you will enjoy the minigames when you do! 🤩🤩🤩

Oh, if it is anything like this one I'm sure to love them! :)

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Boy...this would be an immediate buy for me if it's not on Patreon. Monthly payment isn't something I can afford (and just cancel later which is pointless anyway) :(

Yes, unfortunately the Nsfw mini games are Patreon exclusive benefits which require an active subscription to play. :( 💔

yeah i can't afford it either :C

i miss this game sooo much <3



I knew playing this was gonna be a mistake, now all i wanna do is throw my money at you >.<


Hey as I was trying to play the demo, and It let me put in my name, but then it froze  and I tought that it just need to load but after around 15 minutes and it's still just a black screen. Any adivice?

Hi maggie!

Try cleaning your offline website data / browser history and/or change your browser.

Let me know if it still doesnt work after that. 🙂💓

It worked thank you!