Season 2 can be downloaded here.


A veteran Warlock finds herself in a political conspiracy when she is summoned by the Sovereignty as the new Court Mage.

Is the real danger truly one of political intrigue, or is there a darker secret hiding underneath?


  • Changable name for the MC.⭐
  • 5 different appearance templates.⭐
  • 3 personality choices.⭐
  • Animated Cgs & sprites⭐
  • 5 love interests. (3 male, 2 female)⭐
  • Minigames.⭐
  • Patreon exclusive NSFW version.⭐

    exclusive nsfw version

-Love interests-


Known issues for the online version: If you are stuck during load/save or between scenes, delete your offline website data / browser history and keep your save files to a minimum.(4-6 slots)
If the game doesn't load at all, use a different browser and make sure you are close to your internet/wi-fi source.
Warning: Only works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. (Some versions of Safari may have sound issues. Most mobile phones won't play sounds at all.)
Take frequent saves without using many slots as it can get stuck loading between scenes.


Windows Download
Mac32 bit Download
Mac64 bit Download


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I've subscribed and downloaded, how do I play the nsfw version? Will it just load up when I play?

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Please read the master post. It's pinned at the top to help people navigate.

I'm so sorry I can't find the master post. Is it on itch or your Patreon? How can I locate it? Thanks

I downloaded the NSFW version, but I don't know how to activate it. Does the master post tell me how to activate the downloaded version?

Activate? There is no specific activation process necessary. Just unzip the file and launch. If you are using catalina, read the post. Generally reading the posts are highly recommended.

Ok so I'm on windows and downloaded your nsfw version and put it in the itch oathbreaker folder and unzipped it. There was a thing titled "Game" in the zip folder but when I played through it, it was just the normal game. I don't understand what this Catalina is, but when I tried following the steps of "right-click the Game App and press Show Package Contents" no Show Package Contents showed up. I'm sorry I keep harassing you but I really don't understand how to get this to work as every time I try something different and play through a chapter it is just normal. Could you please give me the step by step instructions for how to get this to work for the downloaded version on windows? Thanks so much for your patience, I really appreciate it.

If your OS is Windows, you don't have to read the Catalina bits. It's for Mac users.

Make sure you downloaded the NSFW version and NOT the SFW early access version, unzip the file anywhere on your computer (Not the folder), and double click on the game. NSFW parts doesn't start until chapter 1, so you can skip the prologue. Chapter 1 & 2 only has Alwenn & Virion nsfw scenes. Chapter 3 and the rest has all love interests (except Lea for plot reasons).
If you still can't manage to get it work, please try sending a question on our discord server, and somebody may help you out.

Are there any plans for a Linux version of Season 1 ?

the best visual novel I've ever played, I've become a supporter on Patreon which I rarely do.

No android version?

I... love that game... great storytellin' very well writen characters, plots etc... great created world of fantasy, such a nice graphics/art style, love the way that these love scenes are let's say attached to the progress of relationship, and the last one... Ending is breathtakin'... 

In my honest opinion... Best Visual Novel/Ren'Py a like fantasy game ever played...

and can't wait to play the Glam Pursuit game

my score for ya: 10/10


Can we just talk about how utterly enraging Raelan's route was? He had the audacity to ask me to be his concubine after sleeping with me, getting into a pissing match with me, and knocking me up after saying he was going marry another woman?

I love and hate that adorably insufferable puppy!!!!!!! But real talk, Virion and Andragae are best bois, especially the latter


How do I do the meatpie mini game?


Put meat, garlic, salt, pepper, clover, and butter then add the crust and the cook will offer a job to you. 


I did the meat, like double meat, then salt, pepper, garlic, mushrooms, carrot, the bay leaf looking thing, then butter.  topped it with the crust.

Hello. I've been trying to revisit the older Rinmaru account and it seems to have been rebranded as LarkyLabs. The preview/demo on the remake on Ascension is missing. I'd just like to ask if you are still working on the remake. Thank you.


The last post about Ascension on their patreon is on  June this year so i'm pretty sure its still being worked on

hi um, its not working after the interaction of us first meeting the king

Wait aren’t warlocks male and we’re female


Probably a typo. 


Warlocks are (from what I understood playing the game) connected to a divine but while priests and priestesses are trying to limit said divine's madness -Xiris in Mc's case- warlocks are the result of their madness which makes them vastly different from Mages.  

So I don't think the term warlock here is the same one we use to say male spell-caster. 


I'm really enjoying the game so far, but honestly? The humor and witty banter has a very DA:O vibe that I really love. I'm pleasantly surprised. Currently trying to play Raelan's route (because Alistair) but it feels like the other routes are worth replaying for as well. Looking forward to playing more of this game!


One of the best visual novels I've ever played


I was searching for this ever since Rinmaru went missing, thank god it here!

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I love the witty comments and dialogs^^

we want MOAR! 🐱


I've replayed this like 10 times and the ending still gets me, loving the second season so far btw eeee!!

seems to be a glitch if mc does not romance anyone before waking up from overusing her life source. it freezes. minimal saves and a cleared history. started a new game just to test the same  play through.

Awesome  game! I was just wondering if you ever considered selling the game ost/soundtrack on the side. I love the music and would easily spend money on buying the soundtrack if it was an option.


hay u suport LGBTQIA+


bro it wont load, it was working a  few minutes ago

need halp


Very good music, art, plot, and character build. This is a phenomenal game and I am quite impressed. Fantastic job. 


what are the 3 personality types? i usually go for the immature playful flirty type but I wanna know the others if I wanna try another route


When you begin a new game by choosing a chapter, they said three personality types are --Goodwill, Cunning, and Rage. Just found that out ^^ thought it be helpful

late response but thank you!:)


Hello!  I tried hitting the Download button for 'Windows Download' and I'm not receiving the file, but I do get a popup afterwards that's typical of every successful download (other recommended games, etc.)  Is there a way to check the download validity?


Nevermind: This appears to be a Chrome browser issue only.  Attempting on other browsers successfully downloads the file.  Posting in case anyone else has the same issue before bothering the devs like I did.  ;^)


I have a Chromebook. Which download do I use or are you telling me that I have to buy a new laptop just to play/read season two?

Yeah chromebooks run on chromeOS and use a chip that disables downloads for mac and windows files. You would need a new computer.

Uhhhh... no? What chip are you talking about? I mean, you probably would have to get a new laptop just because chromebooks aren't very powerful and  any other OS runs painfully slow, but you can just boot linux and run a VM or WINE.


Actually should have mentioned this in my earlier comment, but I love the sense of humor that pervades this game.

how do you delete saves? Every time I go to save it freezes the game... I figured it was cause I have too many saves so I'm trying to delete some but idk how. is there a way to delete saves? 

Hey, I have a question. I downloaded itch on my pc to download Oathbreaker and I wanna get the $14 subscription. If I get it will I have to play it on the website for it to work or will it go through to my account on itch?

if you're logged in on your accout then it should save your subscription to your account


For some reason, teh download button isn't working, even with adblocker disabled.


yeah same here


omg I remember playing these on Rinmaru games!!! I've been looking for them for a long time!


I miss playing it on Rinmaru Games 😭


I'm trying to download this but it won't let me - is this game browser only?


you can try Firefox. Chrome has issues.


I happened to find your Oathbreaker and S2 just by chance on your website and WOW I'm hooked! The storyline is fantastic, the art is beautiful and the music has been stuck in my head since I finished going through all the different storylines.

Can't wait to play through the rest of S2 :)

I just had a quick question: what are the tracks that you used for the S1 soundtrack? I would really love to be able to listen to those outside of the game too!

Kudos to all of you who made this game happen - it's really exceptional and I'm so happy to have found it!


Me again, with a kind of weird question. When I start Season 2, it gives me questions about my actions in Season 1, and there is a question about whether I spent the night with Alwenn or Virion BEFORE going to Sindan. But I don't think I've ever seen that option in Season 1? Am I missing something? Please fill me in, I'm very curious.

(Also, I played Raelan's and Argandea's routes and they are both amazing. And I love how Argandea and Virion are totally into each other.)


That's a patreon exclusive scene, but I added it to the sfw version too since it changes a major thing about Mini. :P

Wow! This was amazing! Virion is the hottest LI and I love him so much. I'm gonna replay for the others, then go check out season 2...

Deleted 1 year ago

i'm trying to download the Windows version yet it isnt no matter how many times i've tried


Download with firefox instead of Chrome.

I can't play the mini games :c


Hello! Is there an official or unofficial guide or walkthrough for this game, please?


Hello, ManekiNeko.

This is a pretty straightforward VN type otome game that needs no guide or walkthrough. What did you need help with? :)

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Thank you for replying to me! <3

I haven't played your game yet. I need something simple to take my mind off and your VN looks interesting but I was afraid it wouldn't be very straightforward. Hence my question about a guide or walkthrough.

But your answer reassures me! :D

Well, I hope you enjoy it, then! 😉


I love this game! At first, I picked Raelan and I still do. But, Virion is so dorky in season 2! I just love him and I love that part in season when he picks up your kid, that face is so cute!!!

I can't seem to download it, I click on the link and it brings me to another site like someone else stated in the comments :( 

is it just something with my computer/pop up blocker maybe?

Yes. Allow pop-ups for itch io and try again.

My pop up blocker is off and i'm still being redirected to the site, so I can't figure out what's going on. I'm assuming it's still something with my computer. :( I'm sorry for all of the complications!

I found this on your website by accident and fell in love with it. S2 is amazing so far, and Ascention and the part of Ascention remake that is released are also amazing. 

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