Season 2 can be downloaded here.


A veteran Warlock finds herself in a political conspiracy when she is summoned by the Sovereignty as the new Court Mage.

Is the real danger truly one of political intrigue, or is there a darker secret hiding underneath?


  • Changable name for the MC.⭐
  • 5 different appearance templates.⭐
  • 3 personality choices.⭐
  • Animated Cgs & sprites⭐
  • 5 love interests. (3 male, 2 female)⭐
  • Minigames.⭐

    -Love interests-


    Known issues for the online version: If you are stuck during load/save or between scenes, delete your offline website data / browser history and keep your save files to a minimum.(4-6 slots)
    If the game doesn't load at all, use a different browser and make sure you are close to your internet/wi-fi source.
    Warning: Only works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. (Some versions of Safari may have sound issues. Most mobile phones won't play sounds at all.)
    Take frequent saves without using many slots as it can get stuck loading between scenes.

    PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
    (741 total ratings)
    GenreVisual Novel
    Tagsamare, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
    Average sessionA few seconds


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    Skipping is skipping everything even unread text. I even unchecked the option to try and it still does it.

    Hi! I've downloaded the WIN File but how do I unzip it? 7Zip doesn't seem to work on it, do I need WINRAR?


    My mind as i played the series "for free?!?!?" 

    You are masterful at what you do and i hope you continue to make games!

    When the screen goes black and Virion says 'it looks good on you' when he's saying goodbye in the Khell battle... erm, what is he talking about? What did he put on you and was it supposed to be just black or a CG??


    MC and Virion switch earrings. And as far as I can tell on the wiki, the screen goes black on purpose.

    I can't open the download it just tries to open a new page then closes (I think it's attempting to retrieve the file then stops).
    Is there another way to get the download?

    Btw I tricked clicking the 'alternate download' option, still just blinks a new page then closes, never downloads. Season 2 works but I would rather play both offline than play one in browser if possible.
    I hope someone can help!

    So I tried opening it in Firefox as other commenters suggested a few months back, but... it saved as Win.rar, and it's not a file that can be opened, apparently. It's not a zipped file or anything, not sure what it is. I have no way of accessing it. 

    I'm glad I didn't spend money on this because it'd be really upsetting to not get a response or the game access. I'm glad the web version works but I just wish we could download it :/

    I've a had an itch at the back of my brain telling me to play this game and it's sequel again! So here I am!

    it didnt save my loads😭


    Love this series so so much. A work of art! Virion nation rise.

    I want the close attention of a giant blue muscular man now too!!!!!


    I just realised that if the main character dated Vrion she will have a simillar earing on her left ear as Virion in his right ear !!! wow , i'am stupid ! after this years !?!!


    I love King Realan !

    How to delete saves?


    as much as i want to play the game the download doesnt work for me too tried diff browser but nothing. Tried playing on chrome but now im stuck at the making meat pie cuz i cant move the ingredients :((( help pl


    oh welp looks like i just need to click the ingredients and then the pie LMAO 

    i cant get the pie to work what should i do

    Hello! I tried clicking the ingredient (not dragging them?) and then the pot (i guess I forgot) and then the next ingredient and so on...

    (1 edit)

    😭 i tried that it didnt work!!

    (I just tried it again and it worked thank you so much although my saves didnt actually save)



    guys help download doesnt work for me and the game on the browser keeps lagging and i cant save, when i wave everything just freezes i wanna play but now the screen froze and its like the 3rd time i refreshed, went from way too early and just skipped to reach where i was :(

    (1 edit)

    Same. I think you should clear your global data in general settings and start on the last chapter you were in. You should also keep your save files to a minimum which is 6 (Said by the author below the gameplay. Sorry for my wrong grammar)


    maybe try using different browsers:  Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Edge and etc. It helped me when I tried to download it. But I don't remember which one did the trick =(


    tysm im gonna try these, hopefully it works out


    I tried this and it downloaded (yay) as an unopenable win.rar file (boo).

    I'm glad I didn't pay for it because it looks like the dev isn't responding to any of these comments and it can't be fixed :/

    I love this VN! I love Raelen's route for the angst and the best of all is Virion! OMG 


    Hi, I bought the game but when I clicked download nothing happened. My OS is Windows and for reference, I was able to download another game so it shouldn't be an issue on my end. Help!


    I had this issue. It's something to do with Chrome blocking it for some reason. I tried downloading it in a different browser (Firefox) and it downloaded just fine.


    Ooh ok thank you, I'll try that

    (1 edit) (+7)

    zevran my beloved i mean virion my beloved <3


    LMAOOO felt

    AAAA wait I need to draw them outfit swapped now

    send link if u post it i must see


    years after playing this i still come back every now and again to romance raelan. me and a friend have plans to do a playthrough of both seasons and i want nothing more than to gush abt how much i love this fictional heterosexual man


    Hi, i also can't download. when i click windows download it goes to a new page and after a second it closes as if nothing  happened


    hi could not download it either despite changing browsers 


    I can't download it, I don't know why but it's always cutting off the download and says that I have a bad connection even tho I have no problem with other games...

    This was so lovely to find again after playing it for the first time many years ago back when it was on Rinmaru games!!! Happy to see so many more people enjoying it and the new games Larky puts out

    (1 edit) (+2)

    I'm sobbing. That was amazing.


    the minigames have crashed and broken so many times ive lost count


    I couldn't download with Chrome either. But I could in FireFox. Interesting story so far.   :)


    How do I play the potions minigame? The only thing I can interact with is the book. I'm playing on google chrome.


    did you try dragging the items to the pot, grinder, etc?


    I really wanna play the game but I can't download it and I'm stuck on the potions mini game. It wont let me move any of the ingredients so I'm unable to progress in the game. It's really disappointing as I was looking forward to the story


    click on each necessary ingredient once and then click on the pot once you put all the needed ingredients in the pot click on the spoon and then on the pot and you will progress

    (1 edit) (+4)

    hi, I cant download this game (windows) and browser version is not starting too. Changing browsers didnt help (firefox, opera, chrome, edge...) and downloading from itch app doesnt working too.

    And there no page on this game on their site either... So, any way to download it? (2 years back I downloaded it just fine)

    I think there is a problem with servers impqueen


    Hi! I am having problems downloading the game for windows, it doesnt let me do it


    use another browser


    Cant all the simps in the comments agree on how wholesome, sweet, funny, and spicy Argandea x Y/N story is. Like whoever came up with "big blue" is a mastermind.


    My game randomly stopped working, the game went completely dark. i am playing on chrome, is there a way i could fix this? what is the cause of it?


    for some reason i am unable to download the game? like, the "thanks for downloading" pops up, but it doesn't actually download anything?

    If you drag the link it says void on it, idk why that is, but the link needs to be updated


    Please try using another browser to download. Chrome has issues.

    try using a different browser


    Foremost: I'm only in chapter 3 as of now, but I love it. The artwork, the story, the characters, the jokes. It's perfect to me. I'm so looking forward to the 2nd part already, even though I'm not even done with the first one xD


    I am trying to download it for windows, but it does not download. When I try to play the online version, it doesn't load the images at all.   :(


    Hi Princess,

    Try using the app, or try downloading through a browser other than google chrome! :)

    Let me know if any of this helps. 💖

    I tried on Firefox and it did download, but when I started it, I'm having the same problem. The sprites and character images do not load. 

    Does anything happens if you flirt with all love intrests?

    (3 edits) (+1)

    Please does anyone knows what music play in main menu? I'm trying to find it nearly 2 years 😭😭😭

    I love this

    One of the best VN I played so far ! Honest
    Adore it =3
    Played Season 1 and Season 2 multiple times. I am not gonna stop
    ♥  Thank you ♥ 

    (1 edit) (+1)

    did you play sason 2 full version or just download separated chapters ?

    (1 edit)

    I played the full version. It did take a very long time to download tho. I also used different browsers to see from which it downloads the best (I think Firefox or Opera did the best for me, but I can't remember for sure). Hope it helps


    Please, how can I download this? Everything else is fine, but when I try to download Oathbreaker, it doesn't work.


    I'm having the same problem. It won't download for me either



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