Season 2 can be downloaded here.


A veteran Warlock finds herself in a political conspiracy when she is summoned by the Sovereignty as the new Court Mage.

Is the real danger truly one of political intrigue, or is there a darker secret hiding underneath?


  • Changable name for the MC.⭐
  • 5 different appearance templates.⭐
  • 3 personality choices.⭐
  • Animated Cgs & sprites⭐
  • 5 love interests. (3 male, 2 female)⭐
  • Minigames.⭐
  • Patreon exclusive NSFW version.⭐

    exclusive nsfw version

-Love interests-


Known issues for the online version: If you are stuck during load/save or between scenes, delete your offline website data / browser history and keep your save files to a minimum.(4-6 slots)
If the game doesn't load at all, use a different browser and make sure you are close to your internet/wi-fi source.
Warning: Only works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. (Some versions of Safari may have sound issues. Most mobile phones won't play sounds at all.)
Take frequent saves without using many slots as it can get stuck loading between scenes.


Windows Download
Mac32 bit Download
Mac64 bit Download


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Me again, with a kind of weird question. When I start Season 2, it gives me questions about my actions in Season 1, and there is a question about whether I spent the night with Alwenn or Virion BEFORE going to Sindan. But I don't think I've ever seen that option in Season 1? Am I missing something? Please fill me in, I'm very curious.

(Also, I played Raelan's and Argandea's routes and they are both amazing. And I love how Argandea and Virion are totally into each other.)

That's a patreon exclusive scene, but I added it to the sfw version too since it changes a major thing about Mini. :P

Wow! This was amazing! Virion is the hottest LI and I love him so much. I'm gonna replay for the others, then go check out season 2...

Sadly, the skipping is pretty buggy. I have the settings so that it's not supposed to skip unread text and it IS supposed to stop if I click, but neither really works. It makes replaying pretty hard :(

i'm trying to download the Windows version yet it isnt no matter how many times i've tried

Download with firefox instead of Chrome.

I can't play the mini games :c


Hello! Is there an official or unofficial guide or walkthrough for this game, please?


Hello, ManekiNeko.

This is a pretty straightforward VN type otome game that needs no guide or walkthrough. What did you need help with? :)

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Thank you for replying to me! <3

I haven't played your game yet. I need something simple to take my mind off and your VN looks interesting but I was afraid it wouldn't be very straightforward. Hence my question about a guide or walkthrough.

But your answer reassures me! :D

Well, I hope you enjoy it, then! 😉

I love this game! At first, I picked Raelan and I still do. But, Virion is so dorky in season 2! I just love him and I love that part in season when he picks up your kid, that face is so cute!!!

I can't seem to download it, I click on the link and it brings me to another site like someone else stated in the comments :( 

is it just something with my computer/pop up blocker maybe?

Yes. Allow pop-ups for itch io and try again.

My pop up blocker is off and i'm still being redirected to the site, so I can't figure out what's going on. I'm assuming it's still something with my computer. :( I'm sorry for all of the complications!

I found this on your website by accident and fell in love with it. S2 is amazing so far, and Ascention and the part of Ascention remake that is released are also amazing. 

I absolutely love Alwenn! She's so beautiful <3

when I click on download it directs me to imp ?

(1 edit)

Having the same problem here. I cannot even open the game on browser that it redirects me to  a site.


temporary hosting issue. Should be fixed now. :)


I hate that I had to find your games AFTER the corona virus, when both my husband and I are unemployed and struggling even to pay rent. I want to say that as soon as things pick up for my family again, I FULLY intend to support you on Patreon. I too have dreams of someday telling my own stories, and your work has inspired me to develop a plan of action for this. But I am getting off on a tangent. I hope those NSFW scenes aren't going anywhere anytime soon! But even if they do, I look forward to supporting such amazing talent!

Did anybody have a problem with not seing the characters while playing? I've redownloaded the game twice but the characters are still not appearing

Nothing short of brilliant. Amazing game, straight to my heart and to my absolute favorites. Well done!


Hello!! I loved your game when I played it a few months ago and now that it's completed I was planning to finish it. However, my Mac has Catalina (v__v the bane of our existence) and I tried using the chmod +x trick to get the app to work but the game logo is just sat on my taskbar with no window for the game. Any way to fix this? 

Also tried to play the browser version after downloading it through the itch app but it's stuck at the loading screen :(


Nvm! Got is working after a bit :) i love the game >.<

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wait can you tell me about the trick you used? the browser version isn't loading for me either ówò


I was completely blown away by this game, it surpassed all my expectations. The story is amazing and so well-staged, I remember staring at my screen, mouth agape, more than once. The characters? they have depth and when all thrown together they are just so good - I will die for every single of them. The dialogue is so funny but it also made me wanna jump out a window since I could not handle all the emotions thrown at me (you know what part I'm talking about!). 

Wish I could give it 10 stars!


Hi, just wanted to say how much I love your games))) I accidentally stumbled upon Cardinal Cross on Steam, it was amazing and I looked up what else did you create, and well, you are my favorite author now💗 I even can not pick my favorite game from you, because all of them are perfect ;) But well, I especially love rpg gameplay of Ascension, I will probably explore all pixels of the map in the complete game. So thank you very much, you are amazing!)


I second that post! I say a love story is as good as its context, and your stories are book quality! I devoured Cardinal Cross, accidently learned that you have more games, devoured them in a weekend and impatiently awaiting more... 

I love how the characters in these games are all equally interesting! I couldn't choose the LI till the last moment. In the end, I chose Raelan. Because... Alistair, you know. Adorkable. And very grown up at the end, brought tears to my eyes))

💖💖💖 Thank you sooo much for playing, Salfetkina!
I'm taking a short break due to a major overseas move for two-ish months, but I'm hoping to start working on new chapters as soon as I can! 😍😍😍

Hi Daga!
Thank you so much for playing and I'm so so happy you are enjoying my games! 💖💖💖


I  just finished this and im currently downloading the second season, i wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed it!!! it's a super well written story with great characters and it seems there was a lot of thought behind it, i hope my computer wont die and ill have the chance of playing more of it. 

(sorry if there is any misspelling in this, im argentinian and english its not my first language)

Thank you sooo much for playing grumpy! I hope you will enjoy S2 too! <3


WOWIE. This is so great! I love the MC and Alwenn. Its super duper sad that my mac can't open oathbreaker s2, but thats life and I will never forget this story.  So thanks my dude for having this wonderful thing created.

Thank you sooo much, hottie_in_a_froggie!
Hope you will be able to play season 2 one day!

(3 edits) (+1)

I finally managed to play the whole game - it's amazing! I barely managed to focus on anything else until I knew how it ended... and the romance just really broke my heart... ;-;
It kind of reminded me of "Ascension" - although you have made lots and lots of progress since " Ascension"! The art is beautiful and the story is very well written, and it gets even better in Oathbreaker 2! *-*
By the way, I loved that I got to see Captain Nina again. :D

I also really loved the music, though! Could you tell me the name of the song playing during Chapter 1 when Virion shows the MC a "different way of casting"? (trying to avoid spoilers here.)

Thank you for the great game and for making it free to play!! <3 :)

Hi DefinitelyNoPenguin!

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you are enjoying it.
The song you mention is this one:


Oh my this was exquisite! Virion was the absolute best! His ending was so heartfelt I could hear his heart breaking and in the sequel his reunion was so good I cried!

💖💖💖 Thank you so much for playing! I hope you will enjoy the rest of the chapters too! 😄😄😄


This was one of the best VNs I´ve ever played. Witty, clever, mature, profound but not melodramatic or judgemental... And those awesome characters and lovely romances... (my favorite colour was always blue :)). I simply loved it. I guess I´ll have to go and see that patreon before season 2 ;).

(1 edit)

Hi Lucig!
I hope you enjoy the patreon exclusive content! Feel free to join our discord community. There are special patreon roles and channels for patrons too. 💖


Out of curiosity, does anyone know how to spend the night with Alwenn or Virion before Sindan? I noticed that S2 asks about it and I didn't know it was an option, so if anyone has any insight on this I'm interested to hear! 

(1 edit) (+1)

yes i had a problem with this too! i replayed season 1 for that reason and still couldn't figure it out. but i selected that i did spend the night with her tho lol i'm not gonna miss that out

(edit: grammar mistake)


Yeah I ended up saying that I didn't spend the night with him in the spirit of honesty lol, I figured since I can't seem to puzzle it out so I was like "oh well" and just went without. But I still am so curious to know about it because I wanna know what happens XD

It's a nsfw scene in the patreon exclusive version. I added it as a choice since it affects whether or not the child is his even if you are not on Virion's route. 🙂


Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you! I'm honestly surprised I didn't think of that myself haha. Thanks again!

I wanted to replay this now that season 2 is out, but it keeps crashing when I get midway through chapter 5 at the same spot. I was playing in browser, so I tried to play it downloaded but when I open up the game it's just a black screen.


If you're still stuck, try hitting the middle pillar and then the far right one!


Hi! I hope you are well.
I have an issue with the game, I wonder if you could help me out?

So, I was playing on the browser version, and I was at the part where Argandea and Virion were speaking with each other about how Warlocks aren't really thought well of. Then it froze.

So I'm like, that's fine, I'll just download it through the itch app and progress the game through there...

Unfortunately, it froze on the exact spot ):

Is there something I can do to fix this?
Sorry to bother you!

Hi Dew,

You can try cleaning your saves (making sure you wiped the offline website data completely clean) and start over or try another browser for the browser version. Make sure you keep your save files to a maximum of 3-4 slots. More than that freezes the game.

For the download version, if you set your text to instant, it will freeze due to live2d sprites. Try pressing ctrl for skipping instead of fast mouse clicks. 🙂 let me know if any of those work for you!


I tried all you said I should do, but I still got stuck at the same place... Don't worry though! I guess the choices I made in-game broke the programming maybe? Instead, I just started fresh from a new chapter and everything was smooth sailing from there.

Thank you so much for your fast response, I know season 2 will be just as good!

Glad you got it working! :)

Hi, I downloaded the game to my Mac and when I start the game all I get is a black screen. Do you have any advice for me? I tried playing in the browser and it continues to freeze.

P.S. I'm really enjoying the game and I'm still in the prologue! :o

Hi Harlequen,
Try to download the game via the application here: :)

this game was fantastic! i remember back when the first ascension game came out and it was the first visual novel i ever loved. this one clearly shows all of your talents! the writing was absolutely phenomenal. i loved the characters, i loved the plot progression, it all was so good! the art was absolutely stunning. thank you so much for making this <3

Thank you so much for playing Perco! :) So happy you liked it!

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I liked this game but I have a question for the developer: Is there any chance there will be a (purchaseable, it does not have to be for free, it does not even have to be cheap) NSFW version of this game in form of downloadable Windows executable and not just remote, web-browser-based, subscription only version?

(1 edit) (+1)

There is already a downloadable windows exe which doesn't require an active Patreon subscription to play on Patreon. You can simply make a one time donation and download your file along with many other patreon benefits and cancel your subscription the next month if you really want to.

The reason why I don't sell the nsfw version standalone is;

1- Because Patrons actually fund these games. Without my patrons, I wouldn't be able to make them at all, so while I do understand people wanting to buy the nsfw version on somewhere like, right now it's part of my thanks to people who actually make these games come true. They are also generous enough to let me distribute the full sfw versions of these games for free.

2- The nsfw scenes are barely %5 of the entire game. I don't like the dlc system, and I don't think it's fair to ask money for such a small part of an otherwise completely free game. The reason why they are a patreon benefit is that it comes with many more extra benefits as a pretty big package. Like a basket of gifts instead of one.

3- Even if I wanted to, I could not sell anything on, because the payment platforms they insist on using are not allowed in countless countries like mine. You can blame's lack of an international payment system for this. Neither Steam nor Patreon has this problem, so this is something I feel they need to work on.

I hope this helps explain things. 💖 Thank you for playing and also your interest in my game.

(3 edits)

Ah, ok thanks. So there is a downloadable NSFW version for patrons now? In that case I'll (re)subscribe, at least for a month. ;-) I actually like your work and would happily support you by buying your stuff but I truly hate subscriptions and I also dislike playing things in web-browsers or on remote places. Not only because it is limited but also because they tend to go "poof" over time and I like to "archive" good things.

Update: Done! Thanks a lot for info/help. :-)

Yes. There is also a downloadable file for the sfw version too. It's on, just below the description / info.  Most benefits you can access on my patreon are downloadable. Maybe the browser version I uploaded confused you?

As I mentioned before, the earnings I receive monthly from Patreon go directly into the production of the games (The artists, musicians etc). Since these are episodic games, a subscription system works very well with this format. I can continue to release new episodes thanks to all the subscriptions, and people can keep playing them. You, of course, are free to not like it personally, but this is what I feel most comfortable doing as a developer who wants to keep making free to play games for everybody to have some sort of access despite their financial situation.🙂

Going "poof" over time is unfortunately a serious problem of today's digital content. Platforms like Steam are included in this digital "renting" system. So, not every downloadable content is archiveable either. This is especially serious in the mobile app industry. Which is exactly why I like Patreon, because it gives developers more power over their own content. How you distribute, how you contact with the people who support you is completely up to you. Feels like I'm advertising Patreon, but as a creator, I'm really really happy with their platform and I think most people misunderstand how it actually works.  Basically, the people who can afford it help those who can't access the content that they feel are worth it. ⭐
Feel free to join whenever you like. I do hope you will enjoy it, if you do! 🙂

Yes, I did join your patrons again and I downloaded it, thank you. It's not that I cannot subscribe of course I just dislike to do so. And my main concern was that I thought there will be no executable to download just a web-browser version like it was in the past (I was already your patron due to this game for one month about a year ago when I played it. ;-))

Ah, no wonder you thought they were browser based, then. It's been a while since I converted. Let me know if you have any more questions, and have fun! 🙂

(1 edit)

For some reason i can't download the Mac files :/ and the game from this itch page won't run. It's just giving me a blank black screen


Try downloading via the application here:

If you are using Catalina, the game is not compatible with the OS. In that case you can either use this method:

Or you can simply use either Firefox or Google Chrome to play the browser version, as Safari can be a little unstable.

Thankfully, i'm not on Catalina OS but i still couldn't download and the browser version won't load, it just gives me a blank black screen even if my browser is chrome. But i'll try to download the file through the app :) Thanks for taking the time to answer! 

Let me know if it works out! 🙂

Update: i've finally gotten it to download through the app and it works :) thanks for the help!


Yvw! :) Hope you enjoy it!

(1 edit)



It's out for free right now, I don't know what you mean by "pay".

played this for the 5th time can u put the second one on your website?

The second one is not a browser game. You can download it here:

(1 edit)

Calywen out here salty cause I took his mans, Oop- Also I love this game can’t stop playing it! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for season 2! <3

me 2

May 25th is the public prologue release date! :)


IMA PLAY ascension

Omg I can’t wait!! <3

(1 edit)

Love the game so much; unfortunately, probably because I didn't see the warning about not using too many save spaces and all that jazz, my game keeps freezing in the middle of the Finale part 2 and nothing I've done seems to fix it; I've tried deleting my history, including the offline data, and trying to use Chrome as opposed to Firefox but it's either getting stuck in the same place, won't let me open a New Game (keeps freezing when I select "pick a chapter"), or just won't open at all

Just did a bit of testing and different question options made the game freeze in different places; "Who?" froze on the response to the question; "What?" (my original answer) freezes part way through the conversation; and "Where?" freezes on the question itself

You need to make sure you cleaned your offline website data and make sure the save files are completely wiped out first. Then start a new game and choose the last chapter to play. Also make sure you are not using the instant message speed, as it seems to be clashing with Live2D characters and cause freezing. Alternatively you could try the download file. 💖 Let me know if any of these works for you!

Great game, totally love it! But... but... please tell me that these are very small kingdoms and there are very fast means to travel between them.  I mean - I (as MC, not real me :)) just tell Alwenn that I love her and there is no other and after that - you know, it's really; REALLY hard not to notice that you're cosplaying an old typewriter :D

And - how the hell did Elius know about that?

Thank you so much for playing!

And I really don't understand your question. Do you mind explaining?

How did Elius know about what exactly?

Why would the kingdoms be small?

Cosplaying an old typewriter, I'm completely lost here. 🤔

English isn't my native language, so excuse me if I'm missing an inside joke. :)

If some things are not clear enough the first time, a second play through may help.

Otherwise, I would be happy to reply if I can understand what you are trying to ask! 💖

Sorry for being unclear, just tried to avoid spoilers :)

I have no idea how to hide the text_ so for anyone who not played yet - spoilers ahead :D

The typewriter joke is from some ancient movie:

- How do you feel?

- Like an old typewriter, skippping period.

Well, question was about MC's pregnancy.  To be pregnant and to have not even suspicion - that should be a pretty early term. And after seeing so many beautiful romantic scenes with Alwenn - I really hope that happened before their relationship bloomed (yeah I know I'm hell of oldfasioned :D ). Hence the question about the world size. Heroes must travel very fast to MC still have no idea about her pregnancy at Final chapter.  But probably warlocks have it different for all I know :D

And the second question - how Elius know about MC's pregnancy?

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for explaining!
1- She wouldn't have suspected because Warlocks are, due to their corrupt surge, infertile. Not to mention she wasn't overly concerned about her missing period while the world was in danger of being destroyed by Thar'akith.

2- The whole trip from Walinad to Sindan, and to Gael to Khell took about 4 months at most. If Thyia had a male LI, that would make her 2 mo pregnant, if she had a female LI, she is about 4 mo. Some body types don't start showing until the end of the 4 mo, so we are in the clear (barely :) But I couldn't have changed the sprites due to spoilers.).

3- Elius knew because of the same reason how Thar'akith knew. How Thyia knew. Elius is a loyal follower of Xiris, and although her messages are not always clear and comes as nightmares and dreams, this one was very clear.  

Hope I could answer all of your questions! :) Let me know if you have any more.

Thank you for the answer, now I'll go and try other routes :)

I hope you will enjoy them! :)


I was playing the online version when i unententionally refreshed the game without saving and i thought "well imma download the game !" and i'm under Mac, downloaded the two versions and i still can't run it... Does someone has the same problem ? Do i have to install something else in order to run the game ?

Hi nabooru!
Are you using Catalina? :)
If you are using Catalina try following these steps:


Yes i do am under catalina ! problem is the link doesn't work, i'll try to find by myself but thank you very much !


This game is insane ! I cannot believe we can play it for free ! Every character are so complex and well written, every love interest brings a new facet of the MC to light. The plot is closer to a fantasy novel than a visual novel beacause it treats of politic, sacrifies, and even racial prejudices; and this is what I love the most. 

Hi Pluie!
Thank you sooo much for playing and I'm so happy you liked it!
Season 2 is coming soon here!
I hope you will like it just as much! :) 💖


i love how the characters casually insult each other, it's so much like real life. great game. :) 

Thank you so much for playing, 4re! Happy you enjoyed the insulting! Haha :P

thanks for making it. also the story is amazing and so is the art. =D   <3<3<3


I've been following you for a long time, since ascension and I just have to say I love your games and I can't see wait for the second season of oath breaker!!! Thank you for your time and effort and for making this beautiful games for free for us 😍

Thank you so so much for playing Miffy! I hope you will like S2 just as much! :) 💖


Damn it, you had to add a cliffhanger, didn't you? This was so damn amazing, I was really into it. The graphics, the sound, the storyline, it's amazing! 

😍 Thank you soooo much for playing! Season 2 is coming soon here!


Hi I was up to Part 1: Finale exactly at the decision on whether to 'hire' the students, when I tried to load only the for the game to freeze on the loading screen. I have tried multiple to times to load, even closing the entire browser (Google Chrome). I really love this game and have been a fan of your games since the original Ascension series, I would really like to avoid having to start this game again from the start :(( any suggestions? Thanks :))

Clean your browser history and make sure you deleted all of your offline website data. Starting a new game gives you the option to start from any chapter you like. Don't worry about starting over. Alternatively you could try using the download version or using firefox instead. Firefox is the preferred browser for this game. Make sure you use only 4-5 save slots at a time. More than that will cause freezing. :)

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