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the minigames have crashed and broken so many times ive lost count

I couldn't download with Chrome either. But I could in FireFox. Interesting story so far.   :)


How do I play the potions minigame? The only thing I can interact with is the book. I'm playing on google chrome.

did you try dragging the items to the pot, grinder, etc?


I really wanna play the game but I can't download it and I'm stuck on the potions mini game. It wont let me move any of the ingredients so I'm unable to progress in the game. It's really disappointing as I was looking forward to the story

click on each necessary ingredient once and then click on the pot once you put all the needed ingredients in the pot click on the spoon and then on the pot and you will progress

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hi, I cant download this game (windows) and browser version is not starting too. Changing browsers didnt help (firefox, opera, chrome, edge...) and downloading from itch app doesnt working too.

And there no page on this game on their site either... So, any way to download it? (2 years back I downloaded it just fine)

I think there is a problem with servers impqueen


Hi! I am having problems downloading the game for windows, it doesnt let me do it

use another browser


Cant all the simps in the comments agree on how wholesome, sweet, funny, and spicy Argandea x Y/N story is. Like whoever came up with "big blue" is a mastermind.


My game randomly stopped working, the game went completely dark. i am playing on chrome, is there a way i could fix this? what is the cause of it?


for some reason i am unable to download the game? like, the "thanks for downloading" pops up, but it doesn't actually download anything?

If you drag the link it says void on it, idk why that is, but the link needs to be updated


Please try using another browser to download. Chrome has issues.

try using a different browser

Foremost: I'm only in chapter 3 as of now, but I love it. The artwork, the story, the characters, the jokes. It's perfect to me. I'm so looking forward to the 2nd part already, even though I'm not even done with the first one xD


I am trying to download it for windows, but it does not download. When I try to play the online version, it doesn't load the images at all.   :(


Hi Princess,

Try using the app, or try downloading through a browser other than google chrome! :)

Let me know if any of this helps. 💖

I tried on Firefox and it did download, but when I started it, I'm having the same problem. The sprites and character images do not load. 

Does anything happens if you flirt with all love intrests?

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Please does anyone knows what music play in main menu? I'm trying to find it nearly 2 years 😭😭😭

I love this

One of the best VN I played so far ! Honest
Adore it =3
Played Season 1 and Season 2 multiple times. I am not gonna stop
♥  Thank you ♥ 


Please, how can I download this? Everything else is fine, but when I try to download Oathbreaker, it doesn't work.


I'm having the same problem. It won't download for me either




I'm on chapter 2  lol 


PS I'm on chapter 2 


I like it I'm not done playing plus I can't download it :( still love it :))

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I played this game a while back and am currently replaying it, so I thought I'd leave a comment to say how much I love Virion. Like, seriously.

So after Lea finds out about the MC's past the game like just stops and I can't download the game so I'm kinda stuck

have you tried to download the game using  Firefox browser? It worked for me

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Sadly I can't, Google and Microsoft are the only browser I have access to, but thanks for trying to solve my issue


was there a game before this? I'm finding myself quite out of the loop in the prologue

Um. The game won't load online and I can't download it either.  

Are there any plans for a Linux version of Season 1 ?

the best visual novel I've ever played, I've become a supporter on Patreon which I rarely do.

No android version?

I... love that game... great storytellin' very well writen characters, plots etc... great created world of fantasy, such a nice graphics/art style, love the way that these love scenes are let's say attached to the progress of relationship, and the last one... Ending is breathtakin'... 

In my honest opinion... Best Visual Novel/Ren'Py a like fantasy game ever played...

and can't wait to play the Glam Pursuit game

my score for ya: 10/10

Ya I love it I'm with the girl with elf ears in it but chapter 3 is -/10


Can we just talk about how utterly enraging Raelan's route was? He had the audacity to ask me to be his concubine after sleeping with me, getting into a pissing match with me, and knocking me up after saying he was going marry another woman?

I love and hate that adorably insufferable puppy!!!!!!! But real talk, Virion and Andragae are best bois, especially the latter


How do I do the meatpie mini game?


Put meat, garlic, salt, pepper, clover, and butter then add the crust and the cook will offer a job to you. 


I did the meat, like double meat, then salt, pepper, garlic, mushrooms, carrot, the bay leaf looking thing, then butter.  topped it with the crust.

Tysm :D

Hello. I've been trying to revisit the older Rinmaru account and it seems to have been rebranded as LarkyLabs. The preview/demo on the remake on Ascension is missing. I'd just like to ask if you are still working on the remake. Thank you.


The last post about Ascension on their patreon is on  June this year so i'm pretty sure its still being worked on

hi um, its not working after the interaction of us first meeting the king


Wait aren’t warlocks male and we’re female


Probably a typo. 


Warlocks are (from what I understood playing the game) connected to a divine but while priests and priestesses are trying to limit said divine's madness -Xiris in Mc's case- warlocks are the result of their madness which makes them vastly different from Mages.  

So I don't think the term warlock here is the same one we use to say male spell-caster. 


Because this story is set in fantasy world so meaning of some words can be interpreted differently from real world.

The prime example is D&D, where warlock is not a male witch but a magic user who made a deal with otherworldly beings. 


I'm really enjoying the game so far, but honestly? The humor and witty banter has a very DA:O vibe that I really love. I'm pleasantly surprised. Currently trying to play Raelan's route (because Alistair) but it feels like the other routes are worth replaying for as well. Looking forward to playing more of this game!


One of the best visual novels I've ever played


I was searching for this ever since Rinmaru went missing, thank god it here!

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I love the witty comments and dialogs^^

we want MOAR! 🐱


I've replayed this like 10 times and the ending still gets me, loving the second season so far btw eeee!!

seems to be a glitch if mc does not romance anyone before waking up from overusing her life source. it freezes. minimal saves and a cleared history. started a new game just to test the same  play through.

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