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YASSSS. Awesome game, highly recommended. Just played the first part of Season Two and I did not think it could get any better BUT GURL - IT DID. Thank you for making my quarantine life a little less grey, with this glorious virtual novel.

Also, Virion is a snackkkkk. 

The end.

Thank you so much for playing, Kitty! :) Happy you enjoyed the beginning of S2 too! ;)

This is and Ascension is sooo good. Can't wait for the updates, fam (way too excited tbh oof) . I'm sure whatever you do will be great btw! Thanks for making them, Rin.

Thank you sooo much for playing, Skylar! Really happy to be making them. >=)


Hey :) love this game so far. i'm making a playthrough of it for my Youtube channel and don't mind linking back for others to play and support if that is ok with you.


Hi Thornerose,

Of course. Thank you so much for asking and I hope you and your viewers have fun! :)

so far they love it.  editing more today to post. its been a while but life happens. Enjoying the game. My only crit is the beginning was abrupt but the rest is amazing.

I really love your games and this game is so good, but I haven't been able to get past the part in chapter 4 after my character has burned the ship and Virion is talking with the king and his advisers.  It always freezes when he is talking to Argandea, always at the same spot.  I originally started this game on your website and I couldn't get past that part, and then I found it here so I went through the game again and it stopped at the same place, and it always stops there, no matter from what saved slot I go from. I play on chrome and I've also tried on firefox but the same thing happened there too.

This game is so good and I'd be really sad if I couldn't finish it, do you have any ideas as to what's wrong?

Hi Kezdoggg!
Try cleaning your browser history (Make sure your offline website data is complete cleaned) and try again.

You can also try the download version. 😊 I hope it helps!

I cleared all my browser history and data, but I think I'll give the download a shot, since clearing the data lost my online progress anyway.  I know I can start from a certain chapter, and I may just be being too particular, but I like to play the game all the way through xD, so I'll see how the download goes.

Thanks for your help! I'll let you know if I run into any trouble :)

So, it turns out the download also freezes at that point, so I tried online again and it didn't freeze when I started at chapter 4.  So clearing my website data must have worked, thank you!


I finally got to work for me on my new computer! I'm so excited to replay all of this and wait for season 2. <3 I'm a nurse, so I'm still working during this quarantine, but I have 2 days off coming up finally and I can't wait to play! Thanks, Rin <3

Wait!! Wait!! So, season 2 is going to be a separate game, right? Like you're are not adding on to this game?


It will be a separate game! :)

Oh ok!! Thank you

I have never wanted to play a visual novel so badly. I was sad when I saw that I had to wait for season 2 to find out what happens with Virion. 


❤️ Soon!

I can't wait

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this is honestly such a good visual novel and im really happy i played it, it really hit my feels at times and now i have to wait to see what happens,,,,, bittersweet, i tell you

Hi riverette,
Thank you so much for playing and I'm really happy you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I had a great time playing Oathbreaker, and really enjoyed the story and the characters. (The whole plot inspired me, and cured my writer's block... for a while)          (´∀`•)

Unfortunately, I can't finish the game.

After playing the scene where King Raelan is taking with his Uncle in the dungeon in the Finale - Part One, the page reloads and restarts the whole game. ï¼ˆ iДi )

I am using Safari, and I am using Mobile. I've read a past comment, where you informed the person to clear browser history and offline site history and keep close to the wireless source, but it doesn't work for me.  ( -д-;)

Either way, I am really happy that I got to experience this game and I am eagerly waiting for the next season.  (ノ^о^)ノ

Thank you sooo much for playing and really happy you enjoy the game so far!
You can try playing it on chrome instead of safari, since Safari tends do have some sound issues too!

That scene is animation heavy, so I think that's why your browser is crashing. Let me know if chrome version works out for you! :)


I'm really happy that I found this game. I liked it, so I think I will pay for full version when I will be paid.
Even better I discovered your other games and really liked them too) I'm not sure why I have not find them earlier…
Will be (not) patiently waiting for next season.
If you don't mind I have a question: on what engine this game is done? I rarely see characters that can move this ways

Hi Aqua_Lime!
Thank you soo much for playing and really happy you enjoyed it! :)
I used Visual Novel Maker in this game, but I will be changing the engine next season due to it's many bugs and glitches! :)

Hiya, so I'm having a little difficulty with the mini game - I can only seem to click on the recipe book and nothing else 

Hi CheekyMonkey,
Are you using the download version or the browser? :)

It's ok! I was using safari but I've switched to chrome and its working perfectly now :D

Great! Happy to know it works now. I hope you enjoy it! :) <3


Saw this the other day and  that "Oathbreaker" was by the same creators of Ascension; played the whole game twice in one sitting.  Loved every minute of it; family members can attest to me being a giggling, raving mess! Think I may have a penchant for elves, especially dark, dangerous, flirty ones >_<  Keep up the good work! Can not wait for the season 2 and know it will be just as or even more so amazing than this season.  <3 


Thank you so much for playing, Castonovia!
So happy you enjoyed S1 and I can't wait to show everyone the progress of S2!!!😍😍😍

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Finished season 1... Also want to die because that cliffhanger is so brutal.

Although I'm not overly fond of the art style, nothing could detract from the frankly MASTERFUL storytelling done in this visual novel. It is *chef's kiss* magnifique, truly. 

But especially Virion's route. And I picked all the dialog that I knew would hurt me the most, ugh, why? Season 2 is definitely on my list (the good one).

*Edit: the thought just occurred to me as I was browsing tiers of your patreon because I'd love to have the full nsfw version of the game-- would you ever consider releasing a paid version on of the nsfw game? I desperately want to give you my money, but can't currently justify the monthly patreon payments in my tight budget when my eye is solely captured by that one addition to the game. 

Further aside-- I would have paid money for this version of the game, I'm so attached to it.


Thank you sooo much for playing, Admint!
Season 2 will have amazing artists working on the Sprites & CGs, so hopefully you will enjoy it much more! 🤩

As for Patreon, the full nsfw version is a download file, so you can pledge for the Coolpaca tier for one month, grab it and cancel for the next month.

It would be the same as buying the NSFW version here, but with bonus benefits you can have from pledging. (i.g: WIP imagines from season 2,  the prologue/chapter 1 of Ascension:Remake and extra manga shorts of Oathbreaker!)

Thanks for the assist on that-- I will be sure to snag it from your Patreon! Best of luck with the upcoming season!


I played your Ascension games way back in the the day, even repeated them multiple times to get every little dialogue option. I stopped following your work a year or so after, yet yesterday, I was looking at a blank google page wondering what I should do, and the name "rinmaru" popped in my head. Played this, in one afternoon and let me tell you how hooked I got :) Really happy with the option to romance girls this time around too. Will be looking foward for season 2. (THAT CLIFFHANGER THO) ❤️

Hi Ccathpp!
Thank you so much for playing OB! Along with OB season 2, I'm also working on Ascension: Remake here.(With Sky as a romance option addition.)

p.s: I can't wait to start releasing season 2 episodes too! 😍

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This is so damn exciting! "Oathbreaker" is really something new. I mean, your stories are becoming more and more interesting. Composite. Realistic, as I feel. Easy-diving. What's cool. And I'm also admired by your ability to make such a charismatic MC with non-usual backstory. Thank you â™¥

ps. Where can I learn more about your Universe? I`m in love with it! Unf, Wikies is not full enough

Hi Circe,

Thank you so much for playing! I'm soo happy you enjoyed it!

There is not much written info on the Universe yet, but season 2 will have lots and lots of bonus lore information laying around that you can explore and find during the game! I really hope you will enjoy it just as much! ðŸ˜

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Who's your favorite romance? Mine would have to be Virion because that banter and emotional punch are just *chef's kisses*

I could be wrong, but Virion seems to be mc's soulmate... or kind of. IMHO, their relationships is the most harmonious. 

Played and loved this. I have a couple of questions though. Firstly is version 2 out. Secondly if not when is it gonna be out. thank you so much!

Hi Zali!
The second season is a work in progress still. We are almost done with the main character sprites.
I'll let everybody know when it's arrived. Don't worry! :)


I just played the game for the first time and I have to say it's amazing. While I wasn't too fond of the 3D style CGs at first I grew quite fond of them, I'm glad I gave it a try. The story and the characters are intriguing, the mini games are a pleasant addition.

My only issue is replayabilitiy, in a way - I always play one game multiple times to see all "routes" , and it may be just my limited knowledge but I can't seem to find a way to make it so the engine skips only previously read text? I've toggled the option on and off in the settings multiple times, tried skipping using ctrl as well as simply pressing the skip button, and it seems to always skip all text regardless. It makes it rather difficult to go through the game with different romances and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong ^^'' I'm so used to how RenPy works that I'm quite lost to different engines

Hi Hushibe!
Thank you so much for playing!
Unfortunately VNmaker has several bugs and issues like this. :(
Hopefully S2 won't have as many problems as this one, since I'll be using a different engine!
Really happy you enjoyed the game regardless! :)

This is literally my favourite game! It was the first visual novel that really got me hooked in! Not gonna lie, I literally check every day to see if there's anything new. You are so amazing at what you do!! Keep up the good work, Rin! <3

Thank you so much for playing, Chance! Really happy you liked it! 💓💓💓

when nina showed up i may have shed a little tear....but! i haved always loved your visual novels, and eee!! im so excited for the acsension remake!! love you lots rin, keep going!!


😍😍😍 Thank you soooo much, Flowers!

I love this so much and I'm distraught, I've played this game on both desktop and download; everytime it always stops at "Finale - Part 1" right after the "round rat short fella" says "But, first you must pay your rent". I desperately hope there's a solution as this is my favourite piece of art. 

Hi Rougarou2!
For the browser version, try cleaning your browser history and offline website data (make sure your save files are completely wiped) and start from the last chapter. Keep your save files to a maximum of 3-4, and make sure you are close to your wireless source.
For the download version, some scenes may load slower than usual so you may need to wait a little bit more. (Also make sure your text speed isn't set to instant.) If all else fails, try skipping past that part holding ctrl in the download version. =) Hope this helps!

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I just found this game recently and downloaded it to play and honestly it is the best visual novel I have ever read. Imagine my face when the screen said “Season 2 coming soon” I actually started crying😂

Thank you so much for playing, Becca! Really happy you enjoyed OB! :) Hopefully S2 will be just as fun for you! ⭐⭐⭐


I've been away from your games since you ended your Tumblr and i ended up not following you anywhere else, but, as someone who first played Ascension back when it was first released yars ago, when i could barely understand English without needing to use Google Translate, i'm so happy to have found Oathbreaker!

Your characters are amazing, as captivating as always. Can't wait to see more of your work in the future (specially the Ascension remake)!

Thank you for playing! I hope you will enjoy them! ❤️❤️❤️

Do you have cannon name for MC? :)


Yes. If you leave the name box empty, MC's name will be Thyia. :)

(3 edits)

A few typos here and there, and a number of issues with the UI (like not understanding how the minigames work, or knowing what a dialogue option would result in)... but all in all, the overall story was captivating.

Normally, I can see a plot coming a mile away, but the pacing and the development of Oathbreaker really had me too wrapped up in the story to even think about how Season 1 was going to end, making the reveal unexpected and delightful.

Hopefully, the next engine will allow you to spend a bit more time refining the user experience, and maybe if we're really lucky it'll be easy enough for you to use that you'll remaster Season 1 into a single, cohesive distributable as part of Season 2*.

As a side note, if you decide to go with Unity, feel free to drop me a message if you need any tips.

*edited for clarity

Hi shadus!
Thank you so much for playing and your comment!

It's definitely a dream to remaster S1, but I'm hoping S2 will still be easily playable even if you didn't look into S1.
I'm currently using rpgmaker for my other game and it's features look very promising for the world of Oathbreaker.

If everything (technically) goes right with my other game, I might use it for S2 too!

Again, thank you very much for your message and your offer to help with Unity! 🤩🤩🤩

Whilst I really am loving the game and the dialogue/Romance, It completely freezes on me numerous times at different points (ALWAYS at the dwarf I end up throwing inside) so I have to save a lot and close and re-open the game, complete freeze.

Hi Celestina,
It sounds like a save issue. Try cleaning your browser history completely and make sure your offline website data is gone. Start a new game (you can start from any of the chapters), and try using only 4-5 save slots at most.

Alternatively, you could try the download version.

Hope it helps!

How many chapters are there to play? I got to chapter 5 last night and couldn’t put it down. It’s been such a long time since I read a really good story. I hope you continue this.

Hi, Enmirii!
There are 6 chapters in total in Season 1. The last chapter is a combination of 2 chapters, so it's very long.
And season 2 is on the way! =)

Thank you, that’s exciting to hear. I do have some concerns. The controls are difficult with the mouse.

  1. I can’t tell which menu button I’m going to click on before I click on it. I’ve been hitting skip instead of save, which is frustrating trying to see different routes.

  2. Is there no access to the settings from the character dialogue screen? I can return to the title, but I have to save my game and then go back into settings to change anything. I have before hit escape on the keyboard and watched my unsaved progress close the game.

  3. Is there a way to read previous text? I use auto because the mouse won’t click on the laptop, and some of the longer texts get cut off before I can read it. (I’ve adjusted the speed now so most don’t.)

  4. I may have missed it, but is there a controls screen or information somewhere on the title screen about how to interact with the game? Can I switch to keyboard?

  5. When making the first potion it was a lot harder then the medical herb one because I didn’t know what I was picking up and the mouse was having a hard time actually picking up items. I really appreciated the commentary the main character gave in the medical herb one more. I guessed with the other mixing.

Otherwise no concerns. I’m really enjoying the game story wise, just a few frustrations with accidentally skipping text, not knowing how to read previous dialogue, and difficulties actually clicking on the hitboxes of the items in the mixing screen.

I'm afraid most of these technical difficulties are due to the engine's capacity. There is a backlog function in the engine, but I turned it off due to it not working correctly online.
Next season will be done in a different engine, so I'm hoping the technical problems you counted won't repeat! 🙏

Just a question for the mini games, do you have trouble with the online version or download? :)

That’s too bad. I am on the downloaded version on a Windows.


i love this, after i played the other games namely the ascension and it was good too. dunno how the remake will be different but i guess i have a weak spot for elves huh xD love different personalities ans detailed backgrounds really really want to see the baby in the second part and hope the MC lives - got attached to her ways


😉 Hope you will enjoy S2 just as much! Thank you so much for playing!

Hello! I really love all of your games, and since flash is dying I was trying to download OB to play it in my mac, but when I try to open the game, it says that the app cannot be opened :( Any idea on how I can fix this? My OS is Catalina 10.15.1

Hi Alice!
The games are not Catalina compatible, but there is a way around it one of my Patron's found out.

I hope this helps! :)

Soo... When I try to play the browser version, it gets stuck at "Now loading" and when I try to download and play the game, all I get is a black screen...

Mind telling me your OS and specs? :) Also, are you sure you downloaded the correct file?

Oh gosh, I really know absolutely nothing about computers and specs... But my computer is a macbook air 13" early 2015. The OS is the newest version of macOS Mojave... Hope this helps...

And I have tried downloading both of the mac files, but got the same result from both. I have loved your games since the first Ascension game came out, and I would really love to be able to play this one, so I was really bummed out when it didn't work... :(

For the browser version, try playing on a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.  Make sure you are close to your wi-fi source. :)
For the download version, I tried and couldn't replicate the bug with my Mac. May be a gtx issue. Is your graphics card driver up to date?

I am already playing from chrome, it still doesn't work :(

I don't know about my graphics card – as far as I can tell it's called something like "Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB", but I have to admit I don't really know what that means haha....

Try a different browser. If Chrome doesn't work, Firefox may. If everything else fails, you can play with your mobile. It's mobile compatible (though you may have trouble with sounds.)


I just beat the game was so damn good........................................that ending tho......................................................cannot wait for more, but I will patiently..................

Happy you enjoyed it, Vale!!! 🤩 Thank you so much for playing!


YESSS I played this in the browser along with all your other games and man I love it to much. Such an exciting and interesting story, thank you!!

OKay, I don't usually comment on things BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS gOOD! I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler but I CANNOT wait for S2!!

Thank you sooo much!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I love how i literally grew up with your stories and games. Thank you so much for that.

You are very welcome and thank you so much for playing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I really love this game so much. I actually cried at the end of the game.

So sorry for making you cry! Thank you sooo much for playing! 😍😍😍


Just got to finish it today, and OMG Goosebumps! What a cliffhanger! I love everything about this game: the story, the characters, the dialogues, romance and friendship between characters. Thank you so much for making this, you have no idea how happy this game made me. Love you Rin!

Thank you so so much for playing and your comment! I'm really happy you liked Oathbreaker!!! Hopefully season 2 won't disappoint! 🤩🤩🤩🤩


I just finish the game, AND I JUST LOVE IT! 

It is a great game with amazing characters, great story. I am really excited for the season 2!

Thank you soo much!!! 😍😍😍😍


It's rare that I can't choose a favorite RO in games like this, but you've managed to do it-- I just can't pick, I love them all! Thank you so much for the work you do.

🙏 Thank you so much for playing! â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸


Since season 2  is getting a new artist will the art style look  drastically different? I love the characters now tho I wouldn't mind a change in CG's  :) 

😍😍😍 Yes, definitely!  

I do love the MC look tho but I'll guess we'll see how the artist decides to recapture her!  Thanks for making this game,  honestly top 3 in my favorite visual novels of all time! It reminds me so much of dragon age origins! 


Thank you so much for playing! 😍 The artist who will work on this game is super talented, so I'm sure it will be amazing! ❤️


What can i even say to do this game justice? It's phenominal, Virion is the love of my life, and I can't wait until s2.

Thank you so much for playing, Seeker! Really happy you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️

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